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Pronóstico de Nieve para Seefeld

  • Pronóstico de tiempo para Seefeld a 1650 m altitud emitido: 6 am17 Jan 2019 (hora local), update in hr min s
Esquí Austria

Pronóstico de Nieve para Seefeld

Pronóstico de tiempo para Seefeld a 1650 m altitud emitido: 6 am17 Jan 2019 (hora local), update in hr min s
  Tiempo de la Semana Pasada

Días 0-3 Resúmen del Tiempo para Seefeld:

Caída moderada de nieve, más pesada el jueves por la noche. condiciones de congelación y descongelación (max 1°C el jueves por la mañana, min -9°C el viernes por la mañana). El viento será generalmente ligero.

Días 4-6 Resúmen del Tiempo para Seefeld:

Nueva capa fina de nieve, cayendo mayormente el lunes por la noche. Temperaturas serán bajo cero (max -4°C el domingo por la mañana, min -10°C el lunes por la noche). El viento será generalmente ligero.
jueves 17viernes 18sábado 19domingo 20lunes 21martes 22
Viento (km/h)
10 SSW10
0 N0
15 WNW15
10 NW10
5 NE5
10 S10
5 SSW5
0 SE0
10 SW10
5 WSW5
5 NNW5
5 W5
5 SW5
5 NW5
5 WSW5
10 SSE10
5 S5
10 SSE10
Mapa de
T alps snow sum17.cc23
T alps snow sum18.cc23
T alps snow sum19.cc23
T alps snow sum20.cc23
T alps snow sum21.cc23
T alps snow sum22.cc23
Nieve cm
Lluvia mm
Máx °C
Mín °C
Altura de Hielo (m)145015506004003500550100006509500450900008500
topliftbotliftSea lvl1000ft2000ft3000ft4000ft5000ft
snowy slope
del sol
Puesta del sol-4:53--4:54--4:55--4:58--4:59--5:00-
Eyeball snow report
  1. Eyeball reporter Excellent piste conditions. Off piste now we’ll tracked,with the avalanch level reduced to 3, but drifted snow has formed extensive wind slab risks in some locations.
  2. weather station observation Light rain showers reported from Patscherkofel Mountain at 2247 metres elevation only 3 kms ESE of Igls but it is forecast cold enough for snow at higher elevations in the ski area
  3. weather station observation Rain reported from Patscherkofel Mountain at 2247 metres elevation only 3 kms ESE of Igls but it is forecast cold enough for snow at higher elevations in the ski area
  4. Eyeball reporter The avalanche risk is now at level 4 above the tree line. Drifted snow has formed extensive wind slab risks off-piste. Resort is open again.
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Comentarios de Visitantes para Seefeld

Tirolerhund de United Kingdom escribe:

Just return from my first ski trip (4 days) to Seefeld, having spent many summer holidays there.

Seefeld has a reputation in the UK for being a small ski area with little to attract advanced skiers. For those who believe the tour operator blurb, l suggest you try the off-piste north face of the Haermelekopf to correct that misconception. It's tougher than the back side of Valluga and no Brits have heard of it! Simply awesome and a must but only with a guide!

The ski area is small but there is plenty to keep you from getting bored. The are two hills, firstly the much overlooked Gschwandtkopt which, whilst only having a vertical of 1,000 ft, has fantanstic undulating terrain which can catch you out if you're not concentrating. It's so good the Axel Lund-Swindel uses it for training. The World Cup is in nearby Garmisch. Better still, over half the hill has no artificial snow, so no ice just grippy powder when conditions are right. Ever better the hill is deserted on the Moesern and Reith sides. It really is millionaires skiing!

The Rosshutte is the other ski area and more akin to most Brits idea of the ski mountain with 3,000 ft vertical and a mixture of mostly reds and blues with two short and not to steep blacks.

Subsistance on the mountain is vey good value: Spag bog and half a litre of beer at the charming Hochegg Alm is only 9.70 euros. France take note!

Most people come to Seefeld for the winter walking and cross-country skiing; this makes the alpine skiing so much better as all the slopes are quiet, even at peak times.

We stayed at the excellent Hotel Schoenruh which is a 5 star hotel in all but name and managed by the excellent Christoph Gruber who cannot do enough for the guests. The Hotel is owned by the Kaltschmid family. It is one of a number of first class hotels they own in the resort, and affords exceptional value. Top rooms are exceptional and only 126 euros pp per night for threequarter board. You can only dream of these prices in France!

The town is genteel with apres-ski concentrated around the Fledermaus bar but with such a first class hotel it's largely irrelevant.

For someoine who is an Ischgl fan, Seefeld was a revelation, so much so we will repeat the trip next year.

Meanwhile, Ischgl beckons for a week of hard skiing and even harder apres-ski from 9 March. Haben du Ischgl uberlebt??!

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