Esquí New Zealand

Guía de Estación de Esquí HeliPark New Zealand

Esquí New Zealand

Guía de Estación de Esquí HeliPark New Zealand

Guía de Estación de Esquí HeliPark New Zealand

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Estadísticas de pistas

  • 2149m

  • 700m

  • 1449m

  • Hectares de Pistas:-
  • Pistas:-
  • Cañones de nieve:-
  • Medio caño:-
  • Terrenos de Parques:-
  • Esquí de travesía:0 km
  • principiante10%
  • intermedio45%
  • avanzado45%

HeliPark New Zealand is an environment for free-skiers and riders to train or play in powder, and for photographers and teams to work in, successfully. It's another world first for NZ. You buy the HeliPark New Zealand access pass for $325. The fee is then just $75 per run after that. The helicopter flies all day, dropping groups into different spots. If you want to take a break to build a kicker or eat some cake that's cool. It's your day and your budget. HeliPark New Zealand is at Mt.Potts, near Methven. We used to cat-ski here but all those lines we couldn't access were starting to bother us. This is our solution. Viva la revolución!


  • Aeropuerto Más Cercano:Christchurch
  • Estación de Tren Más Cercana:Christchurch
  • Tel. Oficina de Turismo:+64/3/3039060
  • Página web de la Oficina de
  • Alojamiento en centro:
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Medios de elevación

  • Inicio de Temporada:
  • Fin de Temporada:
  • Lifts:0 (Helicopter)
  •   -

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HeliPark and Southern Alps heliski are now closed for the 2011 season, if you missed out then make sure it doesn't hapen again next season! email for 2012 season enquiries and bookings!

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  • Emitido:18 Jul
  • Última Caída de Nieve:
  • Profundidad de Nieve (superior):
  • Profundidad de Nieve (inferior):
  • Pista:-
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Tiempo de Hoy (1799 m)veer pronóstico de nieve entero

5 W5
-1 °CNivel-Cong.
10 NW10
0 °CNivel-Cong.
15 NW15
-2 °CNivel-Cong.

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JONATHAN de New Zealand escribe:

No matter were in the world you ski / ride its all great, its all about what you make of it, but this place ( MT-POTTS ) makes it for you, were eles in the world can you chopper in, cat ski ( 14 runs on agood day )and get a beer at the end of the day all for $ 320 NZ, SIMPLE YOU CANT. The snow they get is very dry and man they get snow.I shouldnt be telling you this or you will all want to come.

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