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Guía de Estación de Esquí Aillons-Margeriaz

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Guía de Estación de Esquí Aillons-Margeriaz

Guía de Estación de Esquí Aillons-Margeriaz

les Aillons-Margeriaz / col des pré photo


Crédito de la foto: Blanchot

Le Roc de Balme, Aillons-Margeriaz photo


Crédito de la foto: Blanchot

Aillon le Jeune station, Aillons-Margeriaz photo


Crédito de la foto: Blanchot

Aillon Station vue des pistes, Aillons-Margeriaz photo


Crédito de la foto: Blanchot

Estadísticas de pistas

  • 1900m

  • 900m

  • 1000m

  • Hectares de Pistas:-
  • Pistas:23
  • Cañones de nieve:-
  • Medio caño:-
  • Terrenos de Parques:-
  • Esquí de travesía:22 km
  • principiante20%
  • intermedio65%
  • avanzado15%

The villages that make Aillons-Margeriaz, in Savoie, are surrounded by the Regional Nature Reserve of Les Bauges. In addition to 20km of pistes downhill skiing at Aillons-Margeriaz, there is cross-country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or paragliding.


  • Aeropuerto Más Cercano:Lyon
  • Estación de Tren Más Cercana:Chambery
  • Tel. Oficina de Turismo:04 79 54 63 65
  • Página web de la Oficina de
  • Alojamiento en centro:-
  •   -
  •   -

Medios de elevación

  • Inicio de Temporada:
  • Fin de Temporada:
  • Lifts:11 lifts
  •   -

Último Reporte de Nieveveer reporte de nieve entero

  • Emitido:24 May
  • Última Caída de Nieve:
  • Profundidad de Nieve (superior):
  • Profundidad de Nieve (inferior):
  • Pista:-
  • Fuera de Pista:-

Tiempo de Hoy (1450 m)veer pronóstico de nieve entero

10 WSW10
14 °CNivel-Cong.
5 ENE5
14 °CNivel-Cong.
0 NE0
14 °CNivel-Cong.

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Mapas de Aillons-Margeriaz

Aillons-Margeriaz Location Map

Comentarios de Visitantes para Aillons-Margeriaz

Neil Woolford de United Kingdom escribe:

I've now explored Aillons Station a little as well as Margeriaz, and there is good to report of both.

This year we sidestepped the lack of hotels by finding a small studio appartment through the Office de Tourisme's website ( The appartment was comfortable, very good value and within a few yards of the pistes at Aillons Station. It doesn't look like there will be any hotel accommodation in the foreseeable future, but the Hotel du Soleil is being rebuilt as self-catering accommodation.

Ski conditions were ok at the lower station, though freeze-thaw was in evidence at the bottom of the pistes. Some of the higher pistes are pretty technical, according to my brother.

Margeriaz, higher up and with an excellent micro-climate had masses of fresh powder most days of the week, though sometimes this was accompanied by poor visibility. As my skiing improves (a bit!) I've skied more of the resort, finding a small but well equipped snow park and the 'Foret' piste which is just perfect for trying cross country skills.

Aillons Station does actually have some restaurants and bars - the Mont Pelat is good for a treat but moderately dear - and there is a weekly disco during the main February holiday season. Still not the place if your interest is constant apres-ski...

The Sherpa shop at Aillons Station is well stocked and has excellent bread (the owner started as a baker) and the Intersport ski shop is friendly and efficient.

So still highly recommended; we'll certainly be returning, as it is still an ideal place for me to enjoy improving my intermediate skills while
my brother can ski hairy technical pistes when he's bored with teaching me!

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