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Guía de Estación de Esquí Dizin

Esquí Iran

Guía de Estación de Esquí Dizin

Guía de Estación de Esquí Dizin

saeid nemati, Dizin photo


Crédito de la foto: saeid

dizin resort photo


Crédito de la foto: manisepehr

first day in 2011, Dizin photo


Crédito de la foto: shahram jamshidi

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Dizin , panorama view of  Damawand , 5671 m  photo


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Estadísticas de pistas

  • 3599m

  • 950m

  • 2649m

  • Hectares de Pistas:-
  • Pistas:23
  • Cañones de nieve:-
  • Medio caño:-
  • Terrenos de Parques:-
  • Esquí de travesía:-
  • principiante50%
  • intermedio40%
  • avanzado10%

Dizin is the largest ski resort in Iran and is located 123km by road north of Tehran in the Gajereh region. Dizin offers a long season (late November until late May) of high altitude cruising above the tree-line (at 2700m, the base is higher than the summit of most Alpine resorts) and is an important grass-ski centre in summer. Hotels and other sporting facilities are at Dizin.


  • Aeropuerto Más Cercano:Tehran
  • Estación de Tren Más Cercana:-
  • Página web de la Oficina de
  • Alojamiento en centro:
  •   5
  •   -

Medios de elevación

  • Inicio de Temporada:
  • Fin de Temporada:
  • Lifts:13 (2 chair lifts and 8 surface lifts)
  •   3
  •   2
  •   8

Último Reporte de Nieveveer reporte de nieve entero

  • Emitido:19 Jan
  • Última Caída de Nieve:19 January 2019
  • Profundidad de Nieve (superior):
  • Profundidad de Nieve (inferior):
  • Pista:-
  • Fuera de Pista:-

Tiempo de Hoy (3124 m)veer pronóstico de nieve entero

5 WNW5
-9 °CNivel-Cong.
5 SSE5
-8 °CNivel-Cong.
5 SW5
-8 °CNivel-Cong.

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Mapas de Dizin

Dizin Location Map

Comentarios de Visitantes para Dizin

Me de Iran escribe:


I have been skiing in Dizin for many years now. The place itself is absolutely great. Fresh powder, great intermediate slopes and some much more advanced yet relatively safe off-piste. All in all, sounds wonderful especially considering the costs to foreigners.

The biggest downside is the staff. This will not be noticed by the foreigners because Iranians love to be nice to foreigners as much as they like to be rude to their compatriots. The staff are the local villagers who are not in any way trained or instructed in basic courtesies; just a bunch of peasants who think they are somehow very special people because rich Tehranis come to their village, buy their properties and build some Swiss-look-alike imitation chalets, and use their resort to ski.

Honestly, you will notice this attitude less in Shemshak and even less in Darbandsar.

Another issue is the total lack of ability to distinguish between service and sales, in Iran, by the businessman. Running a ski resort definitely falls into service category, and not in sales, yet you would feel the opposite here. You pay the full amount to enter the resort and enjoy all the amenities, but they close down half the rides in the middle of the week to lower their costs, so you will stand in lines that are as long as the lines over the weekend while all the rides are open and people swarm from Tehran to be seen in their new ski equipment! So regardless of how much you try to manoeuvre around this problem, they will systematically make sure you get stuck in the lines. Again, you shouldn't expect more from a bunch of up and coming peasants who disguise themselves as businessmen.

Long live Iran,

A caring Persian

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