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Guía de Estación de Esquí Bjelašnica

Esquí Bosnia Herzegovina

Guía de Estación de Esquí Bjelašnica

Guía de Estación de Esquí Bjelašnica (Bjelasnica)

Bottom, called Babin Do, Bjelašnica photo


Crédito de la foto: Zlatko Tanovic

Bjelašnica photo


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Pogled na Bjelašnicu sa Jahorine, Bjelašnica photo


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Bjelasnica 2012, Bjelašnica photo


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Estadísticas de pistas

  • 2067m

  • 867m

  • 1200m

  • Hectares de Pistas:-
  • Pistas:-
  • Cañones de nieve:-
  • Medio caño:-
  • Terrenos de Parques:-
  • Esquí de travesía:-
  • principiante-
  • intermedio-
  • avanzado-

During the Winter Olympics 1984, Mt.Bjelasnica (Bjelašnica) hosted Man Alpine skiing competitions, while Mt.Igman (10 minutes drive from Bjelašnica) was a hot spot for Nordic skiers – Biathlon cross-country. Bjelašnica is the ninth highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and you can ski from its top! The slopes end at 1270m above the sea level. According to the statistics, snow stays up to 200 days a year. Early snow dumps are not a miracle, so skiers and snowboarders sometimes start their season as early as in November. Ski season usually lasts from December 15 to April 15 with average snow-height at the summit of 135 cm. There are two chairlifts – triple and double and 5 surface lifts among which three are T bars and two button lifts. There are all together almost 20 km of pistes, mainly red in the mid and upper sections with one black slope and mostly blue at the valley. Also, it is possible to enjoy fresh powder at certain parts of the mountain. From the season 08/09, snow cannons were installed at the lowest section and cover the night skiing route. There are numerous apartments for rent and two hotels. Almost all the facilities built for the Winter Olympics ’84 were devastated during the recent war, so all the present facilities are newly built. Igman is just 10 min drive west from Bjelašnica and represents a perfect spot for fans of cross-country or downhill fun with children. There is a 20 km cross-country track at Veliko Polje, while at Malo Polje one can find a dream spot for beginners and children. Just by the non-functioning ski-jump facility, there is a double chair lift with one red/blue slope and one black stretch. Also, there are three baby-lifts set at the gentle, 100 meters long slope. Mt.Igman is Europe's second richest spot by the Ozone percentage in air. Lowest ever temperature recorded in BiH was at Mraziste, Mt.Igman on January 24 th 1963 : -43,5C -


  • Aeropuerto Más Cercano:Sarajevo
  • Estación de Tren Más Cercana:-
  • Alojamiento en centro:-
  •   -
  •   -

Medios de elevación

  • Inicio de Temporada:
  • Fin de Temporada:
  • Lifts:7 ( 2 chair lifts, 5 surface lifts)
  •   -
  •   2
  •   5

Anuncios y noticias del gerente del centro Bjelašnica

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Ski Legends on Bjelasnica on Dec 20, 2008
Celebrating 25th anniversary of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, companies ZOI'84, CM Sports and Hit Group will organize 2 days event named "SKI LEGENDS HIT CHALLENGE".
This informal competition in co-operation with the Slovenian former ace, Jure Kosir was held at Kranjska Gora three times so far. This time, the Ski Legends no.4 will take place on December 19/20 in Sarajevo at the Olympic slopes of Mt.Bjelasnica.
This will be opportunity to see several ski stars again, whose arrival was announced: Petter Mueller, Anton Steiner, Jure Franko, Boris Strel, Perinne Pelen, Mateja Svet, Alberto Tomba and Bill Johnson.

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Último Reporte de Nieveveer reporte de nieve entero

  • Emitido:22 Jul
  • Última Caída de Nieve:
  • Profundidad de Nieve (superior):
  • Profundidad de Nieve (inferior):
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Tiempo de Hoy (1634 m)veer pronóstico de nieve entero

15 SW15
17 °CNivel-Cong.
20 SW20
18 °CNivel-Cong.
15 WSW15
16 °CNivel-Cong.

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Comentarios de Visitantes para Bjelašnica

Clara de United States escribe:

Went to Sarajevo as part of my Europe travel. I did not plan to ski but went for one day of skiing after some persuasion from local friends.
Although it was the beginning of the season as they told me (Jan.3rd ???), and there was a shortage of snow on upper slopes, the ones that were open provided a lot o fun.
There are not a lot of amenities on the mountain itself but this place has a lot of potential. With the right management it could be turned into a very respectable ski center. However, beside natural beauties it lacked organization and proper investment to offer much more than a few days of skiing.
What is great is that it is so close to the city (Sarajevo) which has so much to offer.

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