Esquí USA - Washington

Pronóstico de Nieve para Stevens Pass

  • Pronóstico de tiempo para Stevens Pass a 1232 m altitud emitido: 4 pm25 Sep 2017 (hora local)
Esquí USA - Washington

Pronóstico de Nieve para Stevens Pass

UsStevens Pass

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Días 0-3 Resúmen del Tiempo para Stevens Pass:

Algo de llovizna, más pesada durante la tarde de lunes. Cálido (max 20°C el miércoles por la tarde, min 6°C el lunes por la noche). El viento será generalmente ligero.

Días 4-6 Resúmen del Tiempo para Stevens Pass:

Fuerte lluvia (totál 25.0mm), más pesada durante la noche del viernes. Cálido (max 21°C el jueves por la tarde, min 3°C el domingo por la mañana). El viento será generalmente ligero.
lunmartes 26miércoles 27jueves 28viernes 29sábado 30dom
Viento (km/h)
5 W5
5 NNW5
0 SE0
5 NW5
10 ESE10
10 ESE10
10 ESE10
15 ESE15
10 ESE10
5 SE5
10 SE10
5 WSW5
5 WNW5
10 WSW10
10 W10
15 WNW15
15 W15
10 W10
Mapa de
T mont snow sum26.cc23
T mont snow sum27.cc23
T mont snow sum28.cc23
T mont snow sum29.cc23
T mont snow sum30.cc23
T mont snow sum01.cc23
Nieve cm
Lluvia mm
Máx °C
Mín °C
Altura de Hielo (m)305034003600375039004050415041004000400038003450295023001900200019001800
Stevens Pass freezing level scale
snowy slopeStevens Pass freezing level
del sol
Puesta del sol6:57--6:54--6:52--6:51--6:49--6:46--

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Comentarios de Visitantes para Stevens Pass

Todd de United States escribe:

Stevens is a local ski area and not a destination resort. Probably shouldn't compare it to destination resorts, because it won't measure up, not the same category. The pass prices, when you buy them pre-season, are reasonable. Hopefully that doesn't change with the new owners. We bought the weekday passes with ski check for our family of 4 for $1100. But agreed on a full pass, it's way too high. We don't like the crowds on the weekends so it works good for us. The advantage card is another great option.

As far as terrain I don't understand how anyone can't have fun here. I've been skiing there 23 years and it has something for everyone. As many have mentioned, chutes, cliffs, trees, steeps, moguls, groomed, beginner thru expert. It isn't a huge area, but has a little something for everyone. The backside was a great addition, all sorts of fun to be had there. I would like it too if they opened up some more terrain, hopefully that'll happen.

As far as amenities, I think the improvements over the years have been great. I think the food is good/fine, not sure why it's so bad in some reviews, apparently I'm just not picky enough. Yeah it's not the cheapest, but I haven't been to any ski area where the food is cheap. The ski shop has come in handy and prices are normal. The rental process works fine and relatively quickly. The RFID system doesn't bother me at all, works fine and I don't see how it slows anything down but rather organizes it and don't notice a difference in wait times. It's just change and some like to think it's the problem, it's not. We "lost" our daughter last year, my wife went to the patrol office and they knew what lift she'd just been on so we knew where she was and went and got her. I also like that it just charges my account if I have an advantage card, I can go right to the lift.

It's a great LOCAL ski area. I live near it, Baker and Crystal aren't as close but I'll go to Baker a couple times a year, the terrain there is great too. Pretty much everyone's told me the Summit isn't worth it, not close to me either. So I'm very happy that I live near such a great little ski area. We've made a lot of great family and friend memories over the years, and that is the best part.

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