Esquí Japan - Nagano

Pronóstico de Nieve para Nozawa Onsen

  • Pronóstico de tiempo para Nozawa Onsen a 1650 m altitud emitido: 8 am26 Mar 2017 (hora local)
Esquí Japan - Nagano

Pronóstico de Nieve para Nozawa Onsen

JaNozawa Onsen

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Días 0-3 Resúmen del Tiempo para Nozawa Onsen:

Pesada caída de nieve, más pesada durante la tarde de lunes. Temperaturas serán bajo cero (max -3°C el domingo por la mañana, min -8°C el lunes por la noche). Mayormente vientos fuertes.

Días 4-6 Resúmen del Tiempo para Nozawa Onsen:

Nueva capa fina de nieve, cayendo mayormente el jueves por la noche. Temperaturas serán bajo cero (max -1°C el jueves por la mañana, min -7°C el jueves por la noche). Vientos crecientes (Vientos ligeros desde el O el miércoles por la tarde, vientos frescos desde el ONO por la tarde de jueves).
domingo 26lunes 27martes 28miércoles 29jueves 30viernes 31
Viento (km/h)
10 S10
15 SSE15
10 SSE10
25 NNW25
40 NNW40
35 NW35
25 NW25
20 NW20
15 WNW15
15 WSW15
10 WNW10
10 SW10
25 W25
35 WNW35
30 WNW30
25 NW25
20 NW20
15 WNW15
Mapa de
T northern honshu snow sum26.cc23
T northern honshu snow sum27.cc23
T northern honshu snow sum28.cc23
T northern honshu snow sum29.cc23
T northern honshu snow sum30.cc23
T northern honshu snow sum31.cc23
Nieve cm
Lluvia mm
Máx °C
Mín °C
Altura de Hielo (m)10501200110090080065065085055010501300120014001500950850900650
Nozawa Onsen freezing level scale
snowy slopeNozawa Onsen freezing level
del sol
Puesta del sol-6:01--6:02--6:04--6:05--6:06--6:06-
Eyeball surf report
  1. Banner  3Nozawa Holidays A cloudy morning with not much chance of sun breaking through today. Cold temperatures up top will keep the runs in great condition. For those who are interested in trying a bit of local Sake there will be some free tasting up top of Nagasaka gondola at 11am this morning, not a bad way to warm yourself up! Junior halfpipe competition also scheduled for today.
  2. Banner  3Nozawa Holidays Cracking start to the weekend! With about 15 cm of fresh snow and currently sitting at -7 up top this morning, it certainly doesnt feel like spring?? Base up at Yamabiko is now measuring a whopping 430cm with lots of fresh tracks yet to be had. Today we can expect the mountian to be a little bit more busier than the last few days as the weekend tourists would have been arriving last night and this morning. Over on Paradsie ski slope today there will be the junior slopestyle event carrying over with the half pipe event tomorrow. Always a good thing to wacth as these little rippers sh...

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Comentarios de Visitantes para Nozawa Onsen

Matthew Thompson de United Kingdom escribe:

6th-13th March 2011
Amazing resort with plenty of nice wide quiet runs, especially during the week. The Skyline run that leads onto Karasawa green run is so much fun. Usually gets busier at the weekends with locals but due to the earthquakes it stayed relatively quiet. This place is ideal if you want to improve your snowboarding or skiing as there is plenty of space without the chains of ski schools & busy lift queues during the week.
We had fantastic snow & enjoyed the beautiful tree runs. We stayed at Villa Nozawa, part of Lodge Nagano. Australian & Japanese owners with Japanese style rooms, amazing breakfasts, fantastic place for couples & families.
The food is quite cheap with most meals around £7-£12 & you can get a lot for your money. Some places we went to cost around £30-£40 per head if you fancy splashing out on a banquet meal (worth every penny), which often include a private onsen within the hotel restaurants such as Himatsuri (completely private onsen, great for couples with indoor & half open roof onsen) and Kiriya Ryokan, which gave us a completely private meal(large private onsen included with meal too that can be shared with other occupants of the Kiriya Ryokan).
Most of the restaurants may appear closed to the eye but just pop your head under the half curtains you'll always get a warm welcome & some of the best customer service I've ever had.
Best conditions we've had snowboarding & some of the best food. Usually more busier tourism up to end of February we heard. From March we experienced a slightly quieter atmosphere with amazing snow. If you want to go snowboarding/skiing & get a real unique Japanese experience go to Nozawa Onsen. Though not a massive resort the conditions give you plenty to play with just off the piste groomed runs. Also there are buses that run to nearby(within an hour) resorts too where you can buy bus & lift ticket in one, ideal if you have a longer 2 weeker trip planned.
You should really all experience a ski trip like this. Nozawa Onsen - this one is unique.

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