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Pronóstico de Nieve para Marmot Basin

  • Pronóstico de tiempo para Marmot Basin a 1698 m altitud emitido: 5 am25 Oct 2016 (hora local)  
Esquí Canada - Alberta

Pronóstico de Nieve para Marmot Basin

CaMarmot Basin

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Días 0-3 Resúmen del Tiempo para Marmot Basin:

Lluvia ligera (totál 4.0mm) primero, volviéndose más frío con una espolvoreada de nieve el miércoles por la noche. condiciones de congelación y descongelación (max 3°C el martes por la tarde, min -2°C el martes por la noche). El viento será generalmente ligero.

Días 4-6 Resúmen del Tiempo para Marmot Basin:

Nueva espolvoreada de nieve. condiciones de congelación y descongelación (max 3°C el viernes por la tarde, min -3°C el viernes por la noche). El viento será generalmente ligero.
martes 25miércoles 26jueves 27viernes 28sábado 29domingo 30
Viento (km/h)
10 SSW10
15 SSW15
15 SW15
10 S10
10 SSE10
15 SSW15
15 SSW15
10 SW10
10 SSW10
5 SSW5
0 SSE0
5 NE5
5 SSW5
5 SW5
10 SSW10
10 SW10
10 SW10
10 SW10
Mapa de
T bcol snow sum25.cc23
T bcol snow sum26.cc23
T bcol snow sum27.cc23
T bcol snow sum28.cc23
T bcol snow sum29.cc23
T bcol snow sum30.cc23
Nieve cm
Lluvia mm
Máx °C
Mín °C
Altura de Hielo (m)210021001650155022501900190021001800170021501950180021001600145018001450
Marmot Basin freezing level scale
snowy slopeMarmot Basin freezing level
del sol
Puesta del sol-6:32--6:30--6:29--6:27--6:24--6:22-

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Comentarios de Visitantes para Marmot Basin

CaptainZenon de Canada escribe:

I grew up in Edmonton, a short 3.5 hr drive from Marmot (Marmot Basin). I have skied there no less than 150 days in the last 35 or so years I've been skiing (since 3yr old). In a good snow year (500cm+), there is arguably no better place to ski. Someone else mentioned fresh tracks for a week, it's true, it's not busy, except holidays and usually weekends. The new Crex chair has altered the way the morning flows for me. You used to have to ride 2 chairs to get up to the Triple Face and the Triple is so slow and lines were long, no problem now. You can get a Triple Face face shot run after a storm if you get there early, I mean like first 30 chairs max. If you miss the fresh run there, head to the Eagle Ridge chair for the next chance for fresh, usually open by 9:30ish unless blasting.
If you get the timing right, the glorious Eagle East opens around 10 on a fresh day, after avy bombing of course.
Fresh lines in Eagle East are hard to beat anywhere in the worl, try Easter Alley or Sugar Bowl and see.
Don't get greedy and go too far skiers right, make sure you watch for the signs, and you won't have to walk out as one person said. After a lap in Eagle East I usually watch for the Knob chair to start turning. Most of the knob is high alpine but following the ridge lines you get deep wind deposits along the shrubs and small trees. Knob Hill is a great fall line, as is short skate over to Charlie's bowl and Dupree chutes for 59 degree blown in deepness (2 to 3 times the morning report)on a fresh day.
Hesitantly, I will mention Caribou knoll, I won't tell you where it is, ask a local, if you are not a gaper they will happily tell you.
Enjoy Marmot and follow this order for at least 3 fresh runs guaranteed on even the busiest of pow days.

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