Esquí USA - Oregon

the drop | Timberline

Esquí USA - Oregon

the drop | Timberline

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Timberline Foto: 'the drop' de paul nanson

the drop, Timberline
usuario: paul nanson (2 photo)
foto tomada en: 10:30 am 23 Feb 2012

the drop

USA - Oregon | Timberline

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bone zone drop

Comentarios recientes

Shreddy Mcfearsome Bahaha the drop!! Come on guys its not even a drop its a 20-25 foot hill maybe 35 degrees at most. Get outta bounds and drop the cornices above and into the top of zigzag canyon to riders right from palmer or white river canyon out of bounds accessible from riders left via mile chair. Or stay in bounds and drop mile's canyon far riders left (inbounds far laft). Maybe when winter starts dumping again you could hit the drops above molly's chair or the small cornices at the top of kruzer near norm's. honestly calling that hill back into the bonezone from conways side is not a drop especially since people ride up it all day to traverse to the park. Bonezone is a great place to practice hip styled jumps. Try buttering off "drops" like that. Like Bs 180 switch tail press (on top) to switch fs 3 over the edge. my favorite drop trick.